Why study the Psalms?

by Mary Duryea Why select Psalms, with 150 chapters, when there are 66 books to choose from, for a brief six-week study? That question echoed in my head as I kept coming back to the decision. It made much more sense to select a short book and do the whole thing....

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Music that inspired us in 2021

We asked our worship team what music drew them closer to Jesus in 2021. Here's what some of them told us. Take a listen and let this worship music propel you into 2022. "House of the Lord" (Phil Wickham) One of my favorite praise songs from the past year was “House of...

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Courtyard progress continues

Facilities committee chairman Marshall Price updated Session recently on the progress of the new courtyard. While the courtyard project has encountered numerous unexpected delays, progress continues, and the committee is hopeful that completion is nearing. In addition...

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