What is Lent, and why do we observe it?

It’s Lent. But what does that mean? Lent starts with Ash Wednesday and continues for 40 days (excluding Sundays) until Easter. It’s a period of preparation for when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Here are some common questions about the season. Why is Lent 40...

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2 ways you can be more loving

As I’ve continued to think about what it would look like for my relationship with the Lord to be “renewed,” one obvious attribute would be I’d become more loving. I say this is obvious because the great command is for us to love God with all that we are. So, of...

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The good news in just 5 words

When it comes to telling others about Jesus, we often make it harder than it really is. What if it wasn't so complicated after all? And what if one of the most unlikely people in the Bible shows us the way? If we head to Jesus' tomb on the day of His resurrection, as...

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