3 books that can help you love the Bible more
Written by Communications Team

We know that the Bible is God’s word to us and that we need to read it, but sometimes it’s a challenge. Our newly renovated church library features some books that can help. Here are three.

Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It:  Knowing and Loving the Bible

In Hunter Beless’s delightful, rhyming picture book, “Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It!,” four families grow in their knowledge of and love for the Bible as they

  • Read, or hear the Bible,
  • See, or regularly read Scripture,
  • Say, or memorize and talk about the Bible, and
  • Sing, or worship God and remember Scripture together.

A celebration of the perfect Word of God, Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It! elevates the Bible to its rightful place—the highest authority in our lives. Young readers will discover that when we read, see, say, and sing the Bible, God speaks to us, and our lives are changed forever.

Transformed by Truth: Why and How to Study the Bible for Yourself as a Teen

The Bible is more than just an ancient religious document. It’s a book filled with the actual words of the living God, meant to be read often and studied deeply that we might experience its life-changing power.

If you’re a teen who’s tired of low expectations and weightless platitudes, this book by Katherine Foster will help you dig into the Bible and make the time you spend reading count for eternity. Katherine Forster walks you through three simple practices that changed how she reads Scripture―observation, interpretation, and application― so you too can begin to understand what God has said in his word and discover how God’s truth can literally transform you from the inside out.

How to Eat Your Bible: A Simple Approach to Learning and Loving the Word of God

Loving God means loving His Word.

If you’re feeling distant from God, could it be because you’re ignoring His Word? But maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe the long books and strange names feel overwhelming. Maybe you just don’t like reading. Whatever the case, Nate Pickowicz’s “How to Eat Your Bible” will help you cultivate an appetite for life-long study of God’s Word. Find practical guidance for overcoming the hurdles that have kept you from making Bible study a regular part of your life.

These books are available for check-out in our church library.