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The happiest place on earth? It’s not Disney.

Where’s your happy place? The beach on a warm summer day? A quiet spot at the coffeeshop where you can read uninterrupted? A party where the conversation and food are flowing? The Washington Post recently analyzed some data about where people are most happy, and the...

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What’s God’s address?

It is said that how you addresses God is a reflection of your conception of God. Scripture models a number of ways to address God, but Jesus encouraged us to address God as “Our Father in Heaven.” Doing so highlights three things worth remembering when talking to God....

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Finding refreshment through repentance

I hit this year running and am already tired, so I’ve been thinking about how to refresh and recharge. Ideas like time on a trout stream come to mind, but I’m learning to distrust my thinking and to lean into God’s word instead. And God’s word offers a surprising...

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