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Thank you from Kentucky

When a mudslide damaged our sister congregation's church in Stopover, Kentucky, we mobilized to send assistance with a small work team. We later collected funding to further help Shepard Memorial get back on their feet. Now, our friends in Kentucky have sent us a...

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COVID reminders & updates

During the past few weeks, we, like everyone else, have noticed an uptick in positive cases of COVID and potential exposure to the virus. A number of our staff have had COVID, as have a number of our covenant partners. In light of this uptick, we want to continue to...

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Music that inspired us in 2021

We asked our worship team what music drew them closer to Jesus in 2021. Here's what some of them told us. Take a listen and let this worship music propel you into 2022. "House of the Lord" (Phil Wickham) One of my favorite praise songs from the past year was “House of...

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Learning to number our days

I received a new smart/fitness watch for Christmas which meant I had to register and name the device. So, in honor of Psalm 90:12 I named it “Number Our Days.” I commend all of Psalm 90 to you but verse 12 asks the Lord to “teach us to number our days that we might...

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Come and see Jesus in 2022

After the trek to Bethlehem. After the birth in the humble manger. After the shepherds and the wise men and the angels. After. What then? Jesus grew. And after several decades, he began to do things that would turn the world upside down. Miracles. Healings....

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