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We need to be connected. Here’s one way how.

As human beings, God created us to live in relationship with others. We want to belong, we want to be connected. Whether we’re kids on the playground wanting to be picked for a game, youth wanting to be included in this group or that team, whether it’s college...

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We Have a Living Hope

If there is anything that we have needed this last year or so, it is hope. Hope that things will get better. Hope that we will get back to doing some of the things we enjoyed before with those we loved being around. Hope that we will be able to catch up on hugs and...

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The Spirit is Alive!

A well-traveled highway connects Jimma and Gore, Ethiopia. Some of the highway is paved. More significantly to many Christian Ethiopians is the even stronger connection between Gore and Jimma that started with the “coming of the Holy Spirit” and subsequent “Great...

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Jesus Is Risen. Now Let’s Fish?

Because I love fishing I've been thinking about John 21 recently. This great chapter, which takes place a week or more after Jesus’ resurrection, recounts Jesus’ restoration of Peter. But the whole scene is set in the context of Peter and several disciples having gone...

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Easter Expectations

I’m keenly aware that this is a season of the unexpected. Despite the fact that Jesus repeatedly told His disciples what would happen, they never expected His crucifixion or his resurrection. Are we any different? This last year is proof of God doing the unexpected....

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Slow to speak, quick to listen

I’ve been reflecting on James 1:19, which in part reads: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”  I believe this verse tells us how we can improve communication. Half of effective communication lies with the listener. We need to...

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Grace, Not Guilt

Grace, not guilt, is what should drive us to spiritual disciplines. You see, when it comes to spiritual disciplines, it is easy to slip into guilt mode. We mistakenly let a low-grade guilt drive us to practice spiritual disciplines and think that if we just do enough...

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Knowing Who We Are in the Midst of Change

I’ve been reading a fantastic book, which was referenced in the National Gathering, titled Tempered Resilience by Tod Bolsinger. The book lays out that leaders in the face of rapid change need to develop the strength and flexibility of tempered steel. We can’t afford...

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