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Waiting well in a can’t-wait world

The Advent season is a “can’t wait” season. People can’t wait to start listening to Christmas music or to decorate. Some can’t wait to open presents and others can’t wait see presents opened. The “can’t wait” nature of the season is seen in lots of ways, including...

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The language of lament

The Psalms are called the prayer book of the Bible, and 70% of the Psalms are classified as “lament.” Even beyond the Psalms, the Bible is chock full of lament. There is even a whole book of Lamentations. So clearly lament should be part of our prayer life, but if you...

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Taking Jesus to the neighborhood

A group from First Pres recently hosted a block party at the nearby Morrison Park neighborhood that drew several dozen residents for games, food and a time of worship. The event was part of an ongoing initiative at First Pres to experiment with outreach events that...

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Want to be beautiful? Learn from the trees.

It’s peak fall-color season around here, and the trees are really showing off their reds, oranges and yellows. In the early-morning or late-afternoon light, they are particularly stunning. Stunning, but dying.  Have you ever thought about that? Leaves are at their...

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