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Do you want to be well?

In John 5:6 Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” It is a great evangelism question because it prompts a bunch more like: ·      What does it mean to be “well?” ·      How do you define the “good life?” ·      Are you living it? ·      Is it marked by the Fruit of...

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How love for Jesus lights us up

While at the ECO National Gathering earlier this month, I heard a fantastic talk by Danielle Strickland based on Mary’s anointing of Jesus (John 12:1-10) that I keep thinking about. By way of reminder, Mary took some perfume, worth about a year’s wages, poured it on...

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Why study the Psalms?

by Mary Duryea Why select Psalms, with 150 chapters, when there are 66 books to choose from, for a brief six-week study? That question echoed in my head as I kept coming back to the decision. It made much more sense to select a short book and do the whole thing....

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