2 ways you can be more loving
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

As I’ve continued to think about what it would look like for my relationship with the Lord to be “renewed,” one obvious attribute would be I’d become more loving. I say this is obvious because the great command is for us to love God with all that we are. So, of course, if I’m renewed I’m going to be more loving toward Him and toward neighbor, and that result will be obvious to all.

So, what’s my part in becoming more loving? I can think of two things. The first is I have to become less busy. Busyness and love are incompatible. Often love is spelled TIME, and if I’m busy I don’t have time to love. So to become more loving I have to slow down and allow more time for both my walk with the Lord and others.

Secondly and relatedly, I have to listen and listen to understand rather than to respond. I say this is related to reducing busyness because listening to understand both God and others takes time.

But think about it. When you feel listened to and understood, don’t you feel loved?

Friends, a renewed relationship with the Lord means becoming more loving and we can do that through slowing down and listening.