Expressing your faith: 3 easy ways to talk about God every day
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

One of the great lies is that a personal faith needs to be a private faith. But that’s not true. A personal faith should be very expressed.

If you call Jesus, Lord, you know what he commanded you to do? Talk about him everywhere, all the time and all over the place. But we struggle with how to do that. It feels really risky, but the greater risk is not saying anything at all.

So I want to demonstrate how easy it can be to talk about God. Here are three ways.

See beauty? Give God the credit

The first way to talk about God is when you see something beautiful, just point it out and say, “God does good work.”

Just recently, in the middle of January, we had a gorgeous, 70-degree respite from all the cold we’ve been experiencing. Wasn’t God so good to us to give us a 70-degree day in January? See how easy that was? I just talked about God.

When God does something, say something

Another way to do this is when you see God move, when you see Him answer a prayer, call attention to it. You may say something like, “Let me tell you about my friend who was sick but got out of the hospital today. God really took care of her.”

Or: “Praise God! Joe’s scans just came back clear. I’ve been praying about this. Can you imagine how good God is to have done that for us?” Or: “Wow, Mary just lost a loved one, but you should see the hope of the Gospel in her life right now. God is really sustaining her.”

By doing this, you just talked about God, and you left an impression

Ask questions

We all have questions about God, but for some reason, we’re terrified of questions. They’re actually one of the best ways to engage people in conversations about God. So, if you have a question about God, ask people: “Hey, what do you think?”

And don’t ask just Christians. Ask pre-Christians, too. And even if what they think in response to that question is completely wrong, guess what? You’ve still got them talking and thinking about it.

Jesus really models this. In the Gospels, Jesus asks a total of 307 questions. He’s asked a total of 183 questions. And out of that 183, He actually answers just three! Most of them he answers with another question because it wasn’t as important to answer the question as it was to get people talking and thinking about Him.

Now, go do it!

So, this is what I want you to do. I want you to ask questions and when you notice something beautiful, I want you to give credit to God. And when you notice God doing something, I want you to talk about it. And I think you should do this every time. All the time. And everywhere.