Who put that Bible in your hotel room, and why?
Written by Brad Jenkins

Your first introduction to the Gideons was likely in a hotel room during your travels as you noticed a Bible placed in the room by the international group. We asked Russ Lawrence, a First Pres covenant partner who volunteers with Gideons, to share more about the ministry.

If someone asked you what the Gideons do, what would you tell them?

The Gideons are an organization of Christian business and professional men who, with our wives as auxiliary members, seek to win men, women, boys and girls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through personal evangelism and distribution of God’s word. The Gideons are an international organization that has local camps which do the bulk of the work.

Why are you involved in the Gideons?

This has been an excellent opportunity for me to grow spiritually and has enabled me to be involved in doing God’s work. Frankly, I was hesitant to join Gideons because of time commitment, but felt a strong calling to do so. Now I have become involved in distributions and serve as Vice President in our local camp. I enjoy the fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. We have monthly meetings that provide inspiration and encouragement.

What makes Gideons work so important right now?

In this tumultuous world where there is so much unrest, violence and hate, there is a need now more than ever to proclaim the message of God’s love and his plan of salvation.

How can we pray for the work?

In recent years we have been banned not only from public schools but also hotel distributions. Pray that the doors will again be open to these venues. Also pray for more funds to place more scriptures around the world in some 200 countries.

Where do funds come from to purchase Bibles, testaments and tracts?

Church offerings, individual donations, and the Gideoncard program. (GIDEONCARDS are available year round in the First Pres lobby). Members pay for all of the camp’s expenses, so all of the donations received go for Bible purchases.