How to pray for college students

Lia Gonzalez, one of our covenant partners who is in college, wanted to encourage us with some idea for prayers for college students. Here's what she wrote. Christian college students face unique challenges that require unique prayers. Not only do they have to adjust...

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The good news in just 5 words

When it comes to telling others about Jesus, we often make it harder than it really is. What if it wasn't so complicated after all? And what if one of the most unlikely people in the Bible shows us the way? If we head to Jesus' tomb on the day of His resurrection, as...

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What we’re praying for the new school year

God, we acknowledge that your Word is correct when it says that true wisdom comes from knowing you. So we pray that our children would not just accumulate facts as they learn. In their learning, let them see the Source of all that they learn: that you alone are God...

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