Easter Expectations
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

I’m keenly aware that this is a season of the unexpected. Despite the fact that Jesus repeatedly told His disciples what would happen, they never expected His crucifixion or his resurrection. Are we any different?

This last year is proof of God doing the unexpected. We didn’t expect a virus or social unrest or the level of partisanship we have experienced this past year.
Now, I’m not saying any of those things came from God, but what I will say is this: I’ve been blown away by how God has unexpectedly worked through all these things to advance His kingdom. What was meant for evil has been or is in the process of being worked for good. And this really shouldn’t be unexpected. God has been doing this all along, and the best example is what we are celebrating Sunday. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Good Friday becomes Easter Sunday.

So friends, I’m not sure what you are expecting this Sunday, but it will probably be a little different, and that is OK. God will work in and through it all to do more than we can ask or imagine. Come worship Him—and bring a friend.