Advent shapes our expectations
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

This is why I’m grateful for the season of advent.

Advent means coming or appearing, and it is a season that shapes our expectations. It reminds us that the world waited a long time for Christ’s first coming and that when he came it was not in the way they expected. Yet, as advent reminds us, he did come and that tells us we can expect his return in power to make the kingdom of this world his kingdom, as I preached last week. This means our waiting and expectations are filled with peace, love, joy and hope (things our advent candles represent) because the one we expect has come, is with us in the waiting and will come again.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly. Because of Advent, we have the greatest and surest expectation. Let’s shape our expectations around Him. He has and will more than fulfill them.