Modgnik recap: Relationships & Jesus
Written by Brad Jenkins

A group of 14 middle-schoolers recently attended Modgnik, a retreat that helps students discover how Jesus’ kingdom is different than the ways of the world. Kathryn Hendricksen, one of the parents who mentored the 10 girls during the weekend, sent us this reflection on the retreat.

What was the weekend like?

These young ladies impressed me as they processed all the information we heard during our sessions as we studied Relationships and Jesus. Friendships are at the core of these students’ lives, and taking a biblical view of how to navigate them was so applicable.

Now that you are back, how can we pray for the students and how can we support them?

Please pray that these students will live out what we learned. Also, you can model being a friend in Christ by caring for them: asking them about their time away on the retreat, what they learned or what activity they enjoyed the most. Better yet, volunteer your time to hangout with some of our youth and get to know them; they are pretty awesome!