Do you want to be well?
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

In John 5:6 Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” It is a great evangelism question because it prompts a bunch more like:

·      What does it mean to be “well?”
·      How do you define the “good life?”
·      Are you living it?
·      Is it marked by the Fruit of the Spirit?
·      Are you experiencing what the Bible calls shalom, or peace, wholeness and right-relatedness?

All these questions about what it means to be “well” in turn lead to questions about how we get well. What will it cost me? What do I have to do? How will I or we have to change? Is it even possible to get well?

Perhaps most people settle for lives of quiet desperation, as Thoreau suggested, because we are not sure we can handle what it takes to get well. And the truth is we can’t. This leads us to seek salvation, which is the point of the question.

As I said last week, we all have a God-shaped hole in our lives, and apart from God filling that hole, we can’t get well. Yet Jesus is the one asking, so He is showing his willingness to make us well if we will turn to Him. So, turn to Him and help others do the same even now.