What do you want?
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

“What do you want?”

Jesus asks this question of two disciples in John 1:38. It is an intriguing question coming from Jesus when we remember that He is God Almighty and able to do literally anything. So, what do you want from Jesus? Do you take the genie-in-the-bottle approach to this question and ask Him to grant you unlimited wishes? Do you take the beauty-pageant approach and ask Him for world peace? Do you ask Him to do something for others, or do you ask Him to do something for you?

It is an intriguing question, but it is also an evangelistic question because once you start thinking about it, you start to question your own wants and whether they will actually satisfy you. The answer to that question is of course “no.”

We all have a God-shaped want—and nothing can fill it except God. Thus ultimately, the best answer to Jesus’ question about what we want is simply “you.” And the good news is He is happy to give us Himself.