Where are you?
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

As many of you know, I’m very Socratic in my thinking and love questions, so when my friend and mentor Jim Singleton mentioned that there are six great “evangelism” questions in scripture, I took notes.

One of these questions is in Genesis 3:9, where God asks Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” This is a good question for us to each ponder. Where am I relative to the Lord? Where am I spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically? Am I where I should be and where God has called me to be? Am I, like Adam and Eve, hiding from God? Why?

Then, having pondered these questions, we can ask others, particularly those who you don’t know, where they are with the Lord and listen. It can really open up a conversation that helps lost people figure out that they don’t know where they are, that they are, in fact, lost. More importantly, it can open them up to being found because, of course, just as He knew where Adam and Eve were when he asked the question, the Lord knows where we are and wants us to be found.