Grow update: Construction starting soon
Written by Brad Jenkins

When we launched the Grow initiative in the spring, we set out on a mission to increase our love for those who don’t know Jesus and to find ways to strengthen some of our ministries.

Here are some updates on where we are with a few of the initiative’s goals.

Your ”One”

The most important part of our Grow initiative was identifying “Ones,” those people in our lives who are not walking with Jesus, and committing to build our relationships with them. So, how is your relationship growth coming with your One? As we continue to deepen these friendships, continue to pray that God provides opportunities to share Jesus.


The individuals working on the renovations at First Pres covet your prayers. Meetings and a stream of communications have been occurring as plans are developed and we move closer to submitting applications for city permitting. Architectural plans for the main building work are about 90% complete and drawings for the work at 9 Court Square are in process. The current projected timeline is to have drawings completed by Sept. 1, permits issued by the city by Nov. 1 and construction starting shortly thereafter. Without significant supply-chain issues, construction is targeted to be complete by next summer.


Contributions toward commitments made to the Grow initiative are on track. Additional commitments have been made since Easter Sunday, and we are very close to having full financial assurances to complete the planned worked without stopping short or reducing the overall scope. The Finance team worked with Session to secure a three-year construction loan because the work is expected to finish well in advance of receiving all commitments.

Thank you for your engagement at First Pres and meditations on how our church will grow the next generations, plant churches and create a more welcoming space in the current facility. This is an exciting time of development at First Pres.