Even in your worst moment, God sees and loves you
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

Most of your posts on social media probably point out all your best moments. Rarely do any of us post our worst moments.⁠

Given that our instinct is to highlight the best and downplay the worst, we really should see the Gospel-writers inclusion of Peter’s denials of Jesus as one proof they are true.⁠

Three times, during Jesus’ most harrowing moments, Peter tells people he has no idea who Jesus us and that there is no way he is a disciple. Likely this was Peter’s worst day, and yet the Bible is honest about it.⁠

Think about it: Peter, one of the leaders of the early Church, could have suppressed this shame-filled moment, but he doesn’t. He lets the story be told.⁠

So why does Peter allow his worst moment ever to get recorded? ⁠

Here’s one reason: to show how great Jesus is. Because even in Peter’s worst moment, Jesus still loves him, as we read later in the account of Jesus’ life. Because later, after all the denials, after Jesus has died and been raised to life, Jesus makes a request: “Tell Peter.” And then Jesus forgives Peter and restores him.⁠

Maybe you can relate to Peter. Maybe you’ve denied Jesus. We don’t expect that’s made your social-media feeds. But Jesus knows. And even better: He loves you and wants to restore you.⁠

All you have to do is come to Him. He’s ready to receive you.⁠

Adapted from Pastor Jon’s sermon on Peter’s denial. Watch the whole message.