How your generosity is helping supply the needs of widows and orphans in Africa
Written by Communications Team

As part of the tithe we take on the last Sunday of the month, a portion of those funds are sent to widows and orphans from our sister church in Jimma, Ethiopia. We received an update to how those funds were used recently for three big purposes.

First, medical insurance was purchased for 14 widows and orphans. This means that when they are sick, they can receive free medical treatment at a government health institution for one whole year.

Second, flour and oil were given to 18 widows and orphans at a Christmas celebration, providing them with necessities.

And finally, money went toward building a local widow a home (pictured here). The government had already supplied her with a plot of land, and some money was collected by the Jimma congregation for the project. With the money First Pres sent, they were able to construct the house. The home isn’t finished yet and will still need more funds to complete, but your generosity has brought the project to where it is today.

Giving can often feel difficult, but to see how it is used for God’s purposes to feed, clothe, and supply the needy is incredible. As Christians we are called to give to our neighbors, whether local or global. Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters in Jimma and devoting yourselves to their needs.