We need to be connected. Here’s one way how.
Written by Pastor Scott Thayer

As human beings, God created us to live in relationship with others. We want to belong, we want to be connected. Whether we’re kids on the playground wanting to be picked for a game, youth wanting to be included in this group or that team, whether it’s college students wanting to be invited to the happening social gathering, young adults desiring to have someone mentor them, or adults who hope they are a part of real fellowship … we ALL want to belong, to be known and to know others.

The Congregational Care Committee has a hope, a dream – to see every covenant partner member connected to someone else, specifically, someone who lives near them. That is why we are launching the Neighbor to Neighbor initiative. In order for every member in a neighborhood to know they belong and are cared for, we need shepherds. This role might sound very time-consuming, but it’t not. While shepherds are vital in helping people belong and feel connected, the specific parts of this are actually very simple. The time commitment would be minimal, yet the impact would be big. After letting the people in their neighborhood (about 8-10 families) know they are their shepherd, checking in every month or so is all that’s required. Once trust is built, a covenant partner would feel more comfortable letting their shepherd know if they have had a joy to celebrate or a struggle to share. At that point, the shepherd would know an appropriate resource to recommend (i.e. perhaps participation in GriefShare, offer them meals through our Take Them A Meal coordinator, ask if they can share the concern with the prayer group, offer to have a pastor or Stephen minister follow up with them, etc.).

Would you prayerfully consider being a shepherd? You don’t have to come up with anything; we have everything you need. Additionally, if you have questions, we would be glad to answer them and coach you through any concerns. We pray that you will help us fulfill this dream God has put on our hearts to have all our covenant partners belong and be connected.

If you have questions or are interested about serving as a shepherd, contact Pastor Scott or June Hosaflook.