A Place to Grow

A New Courtyard

The construction of a new green space in downtown Harrisonburg is underway!

The courtyard adjacent to the First Pres sanctuary will include hardscape, a central grassy area and a 24-foot-high green screen as a visual backdrop. The courtyard will feature a stage area, a detachable movie screen suitable for movie nights, classes and musical events. The courtyard will be secured on the Court Square side by a lockable, sliding gate.

As we complete Phase One, we’ll post photo updates below. The most recent photos are first.

Sod has been installed.

The back steel structure will be lighted.

Pavers are being installed around the perimeter.

The view from Court Square.

Concrete has been poured for the stage area.

Upper windows on the building adjacent to the courtyard are taking shape.

A view in the direction of Court Square from inside the future courtyard.

Windows are being created in the 9 Court Square building. The inside of that building will be refurnished in later phases.

The concrete will eventually form a stage area that can also be used for play by children.

Concrete being laid here will be part of the stage inside the courtyard.

Digging out the rock at the site.

Ground has been broken, and the dirt is moving!

Phases 2, 3 and 4 (dates to be determined)

During these later phases, we hope to open up access to the new courtyard from both the main church building and from 9 Court Square (the building adjacent to the newly constructed courtyard). Tentative plans for this include adding additional windows to 9 Court Square and large operational overhead doors that would allow the interior space to flow out into the courtyard, adding significant flexibility and versatility to both.

We hope to renovate and repurpose the old fellowship hall and kitchen, installing large windows on the east wall that would look out over the courtyard.

At some point, the church’s heating and air conditioning systems, parts of which are more than 30 years old, must also be addressed.

As we continue to take steps to flesh out our vision, we remain committed to three essential elements: considering our covenant partners’ input; obeying God’s leading; and being fiscally responsible with our assets.