How serving in leadership knit me to the church
Written by Communications Team

by Martha Graham

A handful of years ago, I was asked to join Session. Initially, I said “no.” It wasn’t the right time, but after two more invitations, I eventually relented and agreed to serve—even though I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. Frankly, it felt like a “should do,” an obligation.

How wrong I was!

That “obligation” turned out to be an enormous blessing to me.  What I learned about being in leadership is that “serving” is tantamount to “relationships.” Working side-by-side with brothers and sisters in Christ has been the best way of developing close relationships—and those relationship are what knit me to the church.

When I joined Session, I was in the position to serve alongside people who I might never have gotten to know otherwise, people who were outside of my ordinary circle of friends. Getting to know them brought me closer to First Pres. Serving in leadership “knit me in” in a wonderful new way, and it has been an inestimable blessing. I had been a “member” of the church since about 2006, but not until I served on Session did I feel completely “knit in.”

The truth I learned from this is simple. You can attend worship every single Sunday—52 weeks out of the year—but you’ll never feel a part of the body quite like you will when you step out and step into a serving role.

There are so many ways to gain this kind of “knitting.” Join a small group. Volunteer to help in the nursery. Offer your musical talents. Serve on a committee. Join a Sunday school class. Sign up for Open Doors. Make a meal for college students. The list goes on and on…

Don’t delay! You’re in for a great blessing.