Something that won’t look different in that #10yearchallenge
Written by Brad Jenkins

Have you seen the #10yearchallenge, where you post a pic of yourself 10 years ago now, and everybody gets to see how much you’ve changed (of for the fortunate ones, how little you’ve changed).

That got me thinking about how grateful I am that though my hair gets gray (and goes away in my case), wrinkles form around my eyes and my circumstances change, God has given me a constant, stable foundation that will not change.

“The grass and flowers will wither and fall; but, the Word of the Lord endures forever,” Jesus’ disciple, Peter, wrote in one of his letters to fellow followers of Jesus (as he quoted the prophet Isaiah).

It’s not just God’s written word, the Bible, that lasts forever. Think about what we’ve been hearing in our messages recently: Jesus is the Word. And so that means that He endures forever, too! “He is the same yesterday, today and forever,” it says in another New Testament letter.

In a world where so much shifts and changes and falls, I’m grateful to have something to hold onto.

That motivates me to give the Word my attention and devotion. It challenges me to see the world and life through scripture’s lens rather than the lens of social media or politics or all the other places where I wander. Because if God’s word lasts forever, then it is, in the words of the vows that elders and pastors agree to, “the only infallible rule of faith and practice.”

All else will fail us. God’s word will not. It will withstand the #10yearchallenge. It will withstand the forever challenge.