Music that inspired us in 2021
Written by Brad Jenkins

We asked our worship team what music drew them closer to Jesus in 2021. Here’s what some of them told us. Take a listen and let this worship music propel you into 2022.

“House of the Lord” (Phil Wickham)

One of my favorite praise songs from the past year was “House of the Lord.” The lyrics that really stood out to me were “There’s joy in the house of the Lord today, and we won’t be quiet, we shout out his praise!” As I would be singing these lyrics, I would look around at all the people singing the same lyrics and remember the times we were unable to be in church in 2020. I would feel so thankful that we were now able to be praising and singing in the house of the Lord.

Katie Hylton


“Great Are You Lord” (All Sons and Daughters) & “You Make Me Brave” (Amanda Cook)

During 2021, I leaned heavily on two songs that simply happened to fall back to back on my personal playlist.

I teach 6 a.m. classes at the gym. Often, on my eastward way home in the morning, I would press play on one of my favorites, “Great Are You Lord,” and many times I would be delightfully confronted with a beautiful sunrise on my return trip.
Coincidentally (or not), the next song after “Great Are You Lord” on my playlist is “You Make Me Brave.” As I was running for school board, and very many times grappling with some ugly, earthly situations, this song became an anthem for pressing on toward the goal of making a difference in our community and living out what it means to love one’s neighbor.
Hilary Irons

“Ain’t No Grave” (Molly Skaggs)

The song that I held onto this past year was “Ain’t No Grave.” It helped me remember that although my Mom died last December, the grace isn’t holding her body down and that I will see her again.

Annette Sprinkle

“Healing is in Your Hands” (Daniel Carson & Christy Nockels)

Although there are tons of songs that speak to me, during 2021 and during 2020, this particular song stood out: “Healing is in Your Hands” by Daniel Carson, Christy Nockels, et al.

It spoke not only to me when I felt like I needed a reminder that 1) there is healing and God is in control to provide that healing when needed and 2) we are never too far from God that He can’t know our pain and struggle. This song served not just as a personal reminder, but it also helped me to use this song as a prayer for our country as during this time our country has also needed healing.

“No mountain, no valley, no gain or loss we know, could keep us for Your love. Our present, our future, our past is in Your hands. We’ve covered by Your blood. How high, how wide; no matter where I am healing is in Your hands. How deep, how strong; now by Your grace I stand. Healing is in Your hands”

Margie Robison

“I Will Wait” (David Leonard)

“I Will Wait” gave me strength to make it through another day.

Val Stapel