Jesus Is Risen. Now Let’s Fish?
Written by Pastor Jon Heeringa

Because I love fishing I’ve been thinking about John 21 recently. This great chapter, which takes place a week or more after Jesus’ resurrection, recounts Jesus’ restoration of Peter. But the whole scene is set in the context of Peter and several disciples having gone fishing.

I’ve been thinking about why Peter and the other disciples were fishing in the first place. I mean, in John 20, they had encountered the risen Lord at least twice, and in John 20:21-23, they had received a commission to go to the world with the gospel and had been given the Holy Spirit.

So why are they fishing?   

Friends, the good news of Christ’s resurrection that we celebrated earlier this month should change everything. Oh, maybe our on-the-ground circumstances don’t change, but how we deal with them does. We go about our ordinary, everyday, “fishing” kind of life with the extraordinary news of Christ’s resurrection and with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit—and that changes everything. In light of Easter, let’s go fishing for people.