The worth of worship
Written by Brad Jenkins

The words “worth” and “worship” are related, so what is worship worth to you?

Over the last couple of days I have had the chance to worship with a number of Iranian ex-pats living in the UK. Many if not all of these brothers and sisters have suffered persecution. I spent time with the daughter of a martyr, with folks who spent time in prison because of their faith, and many others who are living in the UK because of the threat of persecution.

All of these have decided that Jesus is worthy of worship even at such a price because, after all, Jesus has decided we are worth His all. Their witness is convicting.

In contrast, yesterday we visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is, I believe, the fourth-largest mosque in the world, and it is stunningly beautiful. It was completed in 2007 and is a gorgeous combination of white marble with fantastic inlays, glass (you would not believe the chandeliers), gold, mahogany, mother of pearl and the world’s largest Persian rug.

We were among the first visitors of the day and walking its grounds in comparative solitude was an oasis of sorts. It is a testimony to what some think Allah is worth.

So what about you? What is worship worth to you? Is it worth your time on a Sunday morning? Is it worth your money helping maintain our facility and the ministry coordinated out of it? Is it worth investing your God given gifts and talents to make His name known to the nations. I know for me and my house, seeing the contrast makes this an easy decision but the proof will be in living it out.

Today we are meeting with more ministry leaders who have decided Jesus is worth it all and in spite of the wealth of this place it is in deep spiritual bondage, so pray for us and pray for these brothers and sisters.